This page is meant for most formal description of my project yet!

“It’s only ideas yet, and ideas can make it innovative. I call it “Worried man“ project. The aim is, as always, to make a reform. Using the tools that we already have, internet, papers, organizations, create a community that would not be based on laws that were  established years ago, ethics re-told by parents. For this, my project would offer anyone to partake if and only if one decided to come with an open mind. My first step was to create a blog, a space where I could free my mind and partake “Worried man“ project myself. It is unique, because there’s still many many questions and it could go so many ways, because the goal is not to just choose one direction and keep on it. That would be a loss to an open mind.”

The blog is an example of my project. I started it having no categories and no posts, but then developed it by adding and adding, sometimes even defining new terms that have never been on the blog. There were posts about many issues, and posts related to issues, and art posts about issues. I tried to make it a bit multi-cultural by adding words from my native or other languages. It is my attempt to have a place that is for open-minded, by open-minded.

Next questions I have to consider:

Whether the blog should be private (only members other members trust could see the blog- that would guarantee open-mindedness almost, but limit the spread of the project)

Whether it should be established as an organization (to ease funding/ ability to organize projects)

Whether it should have  a different/new/another face on the internet- adding video lectures/youtube channel/online conversations/forum/mail conference..

Whether to add a different language section in my blog for intercultural purposes/translate all posts

Whether to attract people as readers, or as participants (contributors)

And it can still go any way! You can help!

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