Let’s do it

Had a chance to participate in an international initiative first started in Estonia back in 2007. The main idea is to gather in many different places in one country and clean them, everywhere at the same time!

I personally cleaned surroundings of a place closest to my home with other~50 volunteers:

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2012: From a perspective of science

Some popular science! No pictures, sorry!

A few hours ago I was sitting in a room unknown to me, many unknown people around me, only with somehow known voices in my head..

It was a lecture about an issue that science is not always trusted to answer. The issue: could planet Earth as we know it be destroyed on December 21, 2012?. Will it end in 2012, as some believe Maya calendar predicts?

Diana Krivcovaitė (Lithuanian Astronomers Union) gave an interesting and thought-provoking presentation full of pictures, facts and scientific knowledge.

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New category is up! A busy day tomorrow for me;/. In short:  it will be a chance for any blog readers to participate: post questions, and then get innovative and helpful answers, or to pick a question they know answer to, and answer it in an innovative and any kind of interesting way they want to.

Comment’s on how/why could/should it look like are welcome here.


I had an experience I’m going to talk about for only a little while.

One sunny summer’s day some six years ago me and my family were traveling to our village, as we always do. But there our grand-parents had a surprise for us. A little dog(mažas šunelis). It had never owned a pet before that and I didn’t after. We didn’t have him for a long time, but he was always there when we came to our village. It was a friendship in ways I haven’t experienced before, but I dare not say that the dog was mine. I didn’t know until he was gone that it was an offspring of our neighbors dogs, I didn’t find out how did he go away.

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To begin with


It is my first attempt to post a serious message on this blog which I have had for over half a year now. I don’t know what exactly I will put in here in the future, whether my words will help someone or will anyone help me. I don’t know what style my blog will be in, will it transform to a website, what language will I use.

I know that I will use this place for issues. Solving issues. Looking at issues from a different angle ( Did you know that the word issue has two different pronunciations? ).  Searching for issues. Spreading awareness about issues.  I will also try to do it creatively, interestingly and usefully! That means paintings, videos, short stories, photos, quotes, polls or brief messages from mine our your’s invisible friend may be included. 🙂

What is an issue, then?

According to Oxford Concise English Dictionary, the first meaning is “An important topic for debate or resolution.” Alternatively, you can imagine that you are a directed graph and you are traveling from point A to point B, but you are also a multigraph(multiple edges), so you have many ways to travel…

How else can you that the subject is, actually, an issue? Again, Oxford Thesaurus provides many suggestions: matter(in question), question, point, affair, case, subject, topic, problem, bone of contention…

Finally, I hope not to go round in circles while improving this blog!

I enclose a picture which reminds me 2009 most! It was me helping even with little things  @ Europeade 2009, Klaipėda

Iki, Bye, Au revoir, kuni, adio!..

2010 01 02 @ Lietuva