Social and academic adventures

I have recently participated in three  “Academic/Social trainings”(Akademiniai ir socialiniai mokymai)  in my university, and I want to share  a bit of (even though it’s still ongoing) of my experience.

There are quite a few important questions that every student has to face at one time or another of his university studies. (A few examples – how do you enroll to university, what is the study calendar, scholarships, academic holidays…). It is even more important for anyone who thinks of himself as a “student representative” or “memeber of  student’s union” to have answers. How could one study, not knowing how to, and, more importantly, not knowing who to turn to for an answer?

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Husbands and wifes/Vyrai ir žmonos

People get married all the time. Even while in harsh situations, poverty, sometimes even just for a permit to stay in a country.  It gets all more interesting when someone you know gets married. It turns out that a very good friend of my sister’s just did.

–Picture down– 🙂

–Picture up 🙂

It’s unique, because she is Lithuanian, he is Japanese, and there are probably less than 50 Lithuanians in Japan at any given time… More so, they have a little baby.

It’s great to hear such news now and then, just as it is important to hear sad news, like “Leader of Pakistani Taliban ‘killed by drone’: another life wasted, or “Best-selling author, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s,”: Pratchett – will we miss him when he’s gone? or “is expected to reveal plans for cutbacks”:job loss – maybe the jobs aren’t important?