Who needs a break ?

 “I don’t know how I got here. Maybe it’s because of the overdose! A green, empty field…I don’t know where I am, I don’t know who I am. Can I break away from myself?”

“I only have to finish this paper…and to give that phone call. Oh, and I should also send an email…It’s time out for me! I want to break out! “

“Seconds are passing without any meaning…In my room, self-isolated, I am free to do nothing. My parents are desperate. I can’t remember the last time I talked to them. Is this what they call a breakdown? ”

“Today’s operation ended well. We still need funds for renovating the hospital. I just can’t let the employees unwatched. I sometimes wonder if the patients` sufferance still touches me. Why not break free?”

 “We haven’t seen each other for three years. She is my sister and I thought I hate her. Now I am always with other friends, never alone. Never myself. How could I break off from this feeling ?”

“I run all the time, I am training hours and hours. My body keeps going, but my soul says “no” to every step I make. I am tired inside; I don’t feel I exist anymore…I can’t break through anymore.”

“I can’t talk to my son. There is a precipice between us. I wouldn’t even know what to tell him. It’s strange that I can’t remember anything from my childhood. He just told me : “Give me a break!”

“We have profit. We have eliminated the concurrence .We are in top. I succeeded in defeating all my rivals, am I happy now? As a human I lost, so this is a break even  point.”

“I am sad, I am captive. The one I trusted disappointed me. I don’t love him anymore, I am afraid of him. I almost forgot how it’s like to be free to smile. I need to break the silence.”

The teacher, in the classroom, launches a question knitting his brows” “A break? Why do you want a break? Explain me in a few lines, all of you, why do you need a break!”

 The employee runs without looking behind: “The sea, the waves, they both come with me! I left behind all the fears, all the obligations! I am free! ”

The athlete writes slowly: “The wind whispered me to fly far, far away. But far away from me, it’s not myself. I am in these lines, here, here is my soul!”

The drug-addicted opens his eyes: “What a beautiful flower!  I slept so much! There’s so much life around me! I want to remain sober, to see all the flowers from the world blooming!”

The medicine woman closes her eyes:”I am going deep in my dream…I see myself, I am a child again. I am trying to cure my doll from a cold; I am giving her strawberry syrup with a little spoon.”

The business man cries: “I am sad, I want to feel, understand and regret again! No, I don’t want to be on  top. All I want is to bring joy in someone’s life!”

The teenager paints: “I laugh, together with the avalanches of bright colors from my painting! I am talking with the shades, I am whispering secrets to the shapes, I am hiding myself in lines and points! I will let them know the meaning of my drawing”.

The young woman leaves: “No, I will never come back. I don’t know where I am going today, but for sure not home. I breathe, I live only for myself! I stopped destroying myself! “

The brother comes back:  “I will return to her, to my sister, my true friend. I don’t want to pretend anymore I am someone else, to lie every moment … Only now I stepped on the right path”.

The father is playing: “Catch it! Yes! And…pass it to me! No, don’t throw the ball like this! They don’t teach you at school nothing useful, do they?”

The teacher stopped near the desk of a student .He takes the paper and he reads: “We want a break…to live. A break…to be free to chose.”








Ways of finding your true identity

Who am I?…

This should not be a rhetorical question! One should be able to give a concrete &complete answer to this question.

After much struggling and thinking , I decided to put up a list of concrete methods of finding who you are.

This list is opened to contributions and should be further developed. Input is needed as this is only a rough sketch of a “finding yourself WIKI”

This post will be re-edited from time to time and added new things, as the authors will enlarge their vision upon this issue and the visitors will contribute with meaningful comments.

Ways of finding your true identity:

1. Keeping a diary

Why?- writing down your thoughts &emotions=this will help you keep track of who you became, who you were before this…

-talking to yourself= debating,asking questions, reaching interesting conclusions

-putting your inner thoughts and emotions into words=translating “the untranslatable content of your soul”,those things you always tried to put into words but couldn’t or did not dare.

<to be completed>

2. Expressing your identity through symbols : animal, plant, stone,fantasy being, nature element, meteorological phenomena, imaginary world (a different time and place for you to live in)

Why?–putting your inner thoughts and emotions into words=translating “the untranslatable content of your soul”,those things you always tried to put into words but couldn’t or did not dare

<to be completed>

3. Cultural learning: comparing yourself with characters from books, movies, myths and legends, paintings &other works of art…

Why?-you may find ” a piece of you” in another person’s imaginary world, that is in ART. Though you’ll never find a complete image of yourself (because you are unique and real), you may find interesting pieces to fit your identity puzzle.

<to be completed>

4. Sharing with others

Why?-if you can find other open-minded individuals , it would be great if you could exchange ideas & concerns because this could help you both progress.

<to be completed>

5. Things that you are good at:discovering your talents and exploring your skills,abilities…

Why?-whenever you do something you really like & are good at, you feel more “like the real you”. the only problem is to have the time and the needed opportunities to discover what you are good at.

-this is the most practical and concrete way of finding out who you are.

<to be completed>

6.” The way in which you try to find out who you are is also part of who you are”

That’s right. Go and invent your own ways of finding your identity, the inner you.