Social and academic adventures

I have recently participated in three  “Academic/Social trainings”(Akademiniai ir socialiniai mokymai)  in my university, and I want to share  a bit of (even though it’s still ongoing) of my experience.

There are quite a few important questions that every student has to face at one time or another of his university studies. (A few examples – how do you enroll to university, what is the study calendar, scholarships, academic holidays…). It is even more important for anyone who thinks of himself as a “student representative” or “memeber of  student’s union” to have answers. How could one study, not knowing how to, and, more importantly, not knowing who to turn to for an answer?

Luckily, we have a university website and all important documents are there. However, not everyone reads them and not everyone is even aware of their existence. Thus, it is and was needed to organize a training that would not only give directions to one website or other, but also give an explanation.

Sadly, quite a bit of current documents, procedures and concepts are being revised (hopefully an improvement) and the material from the trainings (for example, about the maximum amount of credits-academic work hours) may soon or might already have changed. Yet, if this caught our attention, it could help us realize that whatever we learn, after some time, we have to look again, compare, adapt.

During the training itself, we got a lot of material that we previously knew, but we also got some that was unexpected, unheard, or long forgotten. I personally have learnt about enrollment procedure (which changed dramatically in a year!), about the most important governing bodies of university, some regulations of dormitories (even though I do not live in one, it was useful and entertaining to hear how some of us were confused when asked whether or not you can leave dormitory after midnight. ).  I even remembered the ethics and morale codec, which I have last read on my first day in university! (the last one is “to be a honorable student of university everywhere)…”.

I hope I can learn more about social and academic questions in the future. They are important, and I would like to be a “bright” student. And then, to help and answer questions of other students.

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