Bucharest 1-2-3-…-8

Bucharest. Day 1. July 23 2010

Smiling near the world of fantasies.  What if the painter, or painter who painted the wall, or builders who built it were smiling in front of it in just the same way? Imagine the imaginary photos..

Play the unplayable. Maybe it’s just an experiment, but these days you can play football without a ball! It’s not football anymore, it’s just a foot!

Bucharest. Day 2. July 24 2010

Discovering art in smallest of places – this in a smallish garden.

Do you see the little trees in the garden of this beautiful building?  Should they be let grow naturally?

Can you imagine that in the middle of this flowery lake you can see a fountain? A real circus, which, by the way, is the name of the park.

Bucharest. Day 3.  0725 2010

Village museum is a place to see.  Some say that if you have seen one, you have seen them all. It might be true, but you can also search for the differences in various village houses; negativity will not help you find them!

I was experiencing an interesting experiment in this cultural centre – watching a Romanian theatre play in Romanian and trying to understand it..

Bucharest. Day 4. 0726 2010

Among day’s most memorable moments – Botanic garden with plants such as this Acer Palmatum. I even saw “Beržas”, a tree seen in Lithuania and everywhere else! It’s good to know about these flowers and trees! It’s great to have a place to go and see it!

Bucharest. Day 5. 0727 2010

A fountain near a beautiful (frumos) park of Carol. On it you can see the signs of horoscope. How many people believe they are always telling the truth?

The couchsurfing (which is an online community of travelers and hosts) meeting took place on the terrace of National Theatre. It is a popular place, and the meeting gathered many members, some foreigners and a few not-yet-members too. Also noticeable were the paintings and the (singing?) of mostly drunk people. Would you sing in such a place?:)

Bucharest. Day 6. 0728 2010

The wall of Cotroceni. Behind this wall hides a beautiful palace! It has a mixture of different cultures inside! What would you like more – to see the examples of these different cultures or to meet people from times when these examples were made?

Not everything is beautiful! But was it before?

Bucharest day 7. 0729 2010

This awaits you in the Geology museum! You can see art even in serious museums!

Has anyone counted how many old and beautiful (frumos) buildings are there in Bucharest?

Bucharest. Day 8. 0730 2010

Those clean and greenish parks, there are so many!

These oldish houses, will they still stand comes tomorrow?

Those shopping malls, why they always hunt you?

The graffiti trains, why this always amazes me?
With this I finish my Bucharest 1-2-3-…-8 blog post! I hope it shows some of the excitement I had while experiencing this previously unseen city for me!

Yet I still have to remind you that this is not a complete true representation of Bucharest, because it has no begging people in it, no crowded metro stations and no little poor people houses!! If you want complete stereotype-proof experience, you have to come and experience it on your own!

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