Bucharest 1-2-3-…-8

Bucharest. Day 1. July 23 2010

Smiling near the world of fantasies.  What if the painter, or painter who painted the wall, or builders who built it were smiling in front of it in just the same way? Imagine the imaginary photos..

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Leaving your mark in history

I was walking in the rooms of a Geology museum when I started to think what does leaving your mark in history mean this day, and what did it mean for creatures living millions of years ago.

Today, in my opinion, humanity in general thinks of leaving their mark as having children, writing a book, doing a memorable thing which would get into history books, planting a tree that would outlive them, building a house..(else??). Continue reading “Leaving your mark in history”

Passivite courtoise

A young boy was looking up into a hill. It was a dark hill, and he was a very young boy. Still, he wanted to climb it. He wanted to rush up, to fly up and be the king of the world. Young. Do you know that young boys might see the world differently than the older ones? Or young girls than older girls. Or..
A young boy was looking up into a picture. It was a picture of a mountain.
He took a brush that he saw in the corner, of what was a room, not the field or valley or garden, where it’s much more likely to see hills..
This young boy decided to paint a few rings that would protect him when he climbs. This was a place which didn’t let any weaknesses in, and a place that took in all climbers, all things that could or would climb. This was boys image.
This is artist image, where boy could have been an artist, yet an impressive picture, a though-provoking piece.

About Passivite courtoise by Victor Brauer, a painting I have seen in National Museum of Art

Worrying on

Next two weeks I will be discovering two new cities to me, but not so-new to millions who have lived and visited Bucharest/Istanbul. I will update this blog with images/news from these wonderful places, of which first I will be just visiting (seeing),  and in Istanbul I hope to do a bit more “building” work. I will be participating in a youth congress as a young activist (maybe soon to be real activist). susirupines.wordpress.com is the first “battlefield” where I explore this world of activities and issues, and I hope to discover even new ways to worry on, continue!

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