A dreamer

A little boy cries out for his mother or father after a scary dream. What is it that he dreamt? Was it a dragon, a witch, or was he running, but not getting anywhere, or drowning, but not fully?
He’s given a cold glass of water, and after that everything’s alright. The boy forgets the tension, the scare, the dream, and sleeps again.
Until, again,  the boy is waken from his sleep – but it’s not his who’s fault it is.
His little sister, Ann, cries out this time around. What is the problem? Who’s hurt? Who dares disturb me on such late an hour? The thoughts run through boy’s mind.
It is a dream, a dream that makes him wonder. It makes him wonder, why does he wake at 2 o’clock, at 4 o’clock, but not half past 2, not half past 4. It is the reason, too.
When the boy brushes his teeth, makes all the necessary preparations, and goes to sleep, it seems just like an ordinary ritual, that everybody does. Yet it is different, entirely different, because, when sleeping, boy lives in his own world. Not in someone’s else, but in his. It is a world that he creates.
How can the boy understand, then, the cry of his little sister, Ann, when she cries out of hers, entirely different, sleeping world. What’s the connection?
The girl is given cold glass of water, too, but little that’s in common. Oh, did she dream of scary monster, or speedy racer, it was not the same. Even, if Ann dreamt running, but not getting anywhere, it was not as little boys, because it is entirely different world, her own creation.
How then can mother, or father understand, what happens inside their children mind’s? What if they have forgotten the sleep themselves, not dreamt for years? Should they even say: drink this glass, and never dream that ugly dream again, if it’s that dream.. a dream that makes them special?
A dream, that makes us dreamers, all of us. Like little boys, or girls, or boys that was, or girls that was. No matter, is it scary, or lovely, or exploitative, we can enjoy it. A dreamers’ nation.

One thought on “A dreamer

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    Very beautiful text.Congratulations!

    You talk about two of the biggest misteries of the universe: life and dreams.
    Life, is an individual experience one can’t fully share with the others, just like the dreams we have at night.
    We all dream, but still we’ll never be able to explain the others the terrible or maybe beautiful world we are prisoners in at night.
    Similary, we are all alive and on the same planet, but we’ll never be able to tell someone else how it’s like to feel and think the way we do, since each of us perceives the world in a different way.
    So, the dear ones are near us, they try to help, they give us a cold glass of water, yet still they leave us alone in the dark after this. What if the nightmare returns?!

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