Let’s do it

Had a chance to participate in an international initiative first started in Estonia back in 2007. The main idea is to gather in many different places in one country and clean them, everywhere at the same time!

I personally cleaned surroundings of a place closest to my home with other~50 volunteers:

What garbage I found:

  • 20 old tires
  • 2 car seats
  • a lamp
  • plastic bags that grass grow on
  • many broken tiles of unused buildings
  • toy-dolphin
  • hidden treasure of shells (but did not touch it)
  • what seemed to be a sleeping place of homeless

Also almost lost my shoe (twice) in some mud.:)


By the way, Let’s do it (Darom)  might deserve a different name, because most of what we do during it is just undo the harm to the nature and other beauty that we have done. Illegal garbage sites/abandoned buildings/pure nonsense (I even found one tire chained to a piece of metal that was in the ground..).

Good emotions this!

One thought on “Let’s do it

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    They want to make “Let’s do it” cleaning-up -the country- in -one -day -campaign in Romania,too.I truly hope they’re gonna make it.Estonia really , really did it. But us…? I have some fears and doubts regarding this project applied to my country. I guess I should be more optimistic.

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