Let’s count it

“Matmintinis” – a counting competition


It happens every year in Lithuania and every year interested boys and girls, their fathers and mothers give one day for counting numbers.  (Not many, only those that advance through preliminaries..). All they have to know – basic addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.  The questions are easy (sometimes even like: what is 0 + 0,4213), but ability to imagine the computation and the speed is very important in this game.

I play “Matmintinis” because I think it should be very valuable to be able to plot the action/event in your head – then it’s easier if you face something similar in real life – counting contest helps to improve this abillity!

There’s another counting game, one that has no competitions. The basis is this: a group of players gather in a circle, and start counting. 1, 2,3 … The game has one rule- if a number being said includes a pre-told number or if it’s divisible by it, player has to say “boom” instead of a number.

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