Catching A Big Fish

A question for a discussion.

Is it morally wrong to catch a fish?

They all differ. Big fish, small fish, young fish, old fish, rare fish, over-populated fish.  There are fish-catching competitions, fish-breeding reservoirs. Yet all that happen when one catches a fish is always the same  – it dies. Or gets to an aquarium or a plastic bag, and dies later. Millions of people in the world  survive by mainly eating fish. Is it justifiable? Or should they search for another food source, try eating some leaves for a change?

I do not support fishing, because it’s cruel, does injustice to these species and completely ignores their right to live a happy life.

What about hunting?

Hunting is not much different from fishing, except that more species of animals are killed.

In the past,humanity needed to hunt in order to survive in its fight for evolution. Nowadays, we can grow domestic animals only for meat.

Yet, some people see fishing /hunting as sport/hobby/past-time.Is this moral?

What about those isolated , poor, remote communities in different corners of the world that survive only by fishing (or hunting)? Could we force them to become vegetarian and/or starve?…

Which would be the best solution to avoid animal suffering?


Yes, we can talk about about morality of hunting animals in the same way as fishing.  I think that human species have evolved in such a way that they can choose whether or not to hunt/kill. I feel that it is a moral wrong to hunt/kill without considering the alternative, as most people do.

Poor communities: it’s up to us to figure out that we always produce more food than we can eat ourselves (share?). If the only way for them to survive is by hunting, I think there shouldn’t be many choices animal-wise – they ought to hunt to survive too. Or there’s opportunities not seen? Edible sea-mud?..

For ending animal suffering, the best way probably would be to have no meat-eating animals – and besides those herbivores naturally found in nature is human- and he, so far, opts for a more challenging solution – flesh.

There was also a very interesting speech by Peter Singer that I have recently seen: Why we need a beef tax.