I had an experience I’m going to talk about for only a little while.

One sunny summer’s day some six years ago me and my family were traveling to our village, as we always do. But there our grand-parents had a surprise for us. A little dog(mažas šunelis). It had never owned a pet before that and I didn’t after. We didn’t have him for a long time, but he was always there when we came to our village. It was a friendship in ways I haven’t experienced before, but I dare not say that the dog was mine. I didn’t know until he was gone that it was an offspring of our neighbors dogs, I didn’t find out how did he go away.


Where am I turning to? I want to discuss the matter of having pets. I think there are many ways why it is wrong to have them, but almost equally as many why we should and ought to own pets.

Yesterday, I watched a little documentary called “Mine” about the life of  “human’s best friends” during and after the crisis of Katrina in New Orleans. It was a story about how people had to leave their dogs because there was no place for them in shelters, how immediately after Katerina there were only 30 people responsible for finding all trapped animals. But there were tens of thousands…

It was a depressing story which mostly concentrated on how owner’s tried to get their pets back.

It was shown that maybe we should really care about animal’s needs, their’s struggles, and humans should not be the owners of pets, maybe not even “legal guardians”.

Why are they, then, why do so many households have pets?(By some estimations, it should be >50% in Europe).

Maybe it is a connection that a human lost when he moved from trees to asphalt? Maybe it is a sense of dictatorship in everyone’s hard, since most dogs are tied up.

I think that everyone should reconsider their reasons of having a pet-friend before really having it. And, if they do, do as PETA suggests: get one from animal shelter, not from a expensive pet-shop!

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One thought on “Mine!Mano!

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    It’s true.Pets are there to remind us of our lost connection with nature. Some pets are kept captive (dogs and birds), but some enjoy much freedom(like cats)
    I think a pet who was born captive will not suffer because of his lack of freedom.Also, the love connection between people and pets can become really strong and deep. Many people live alone and all they have is a dog or a cat to share their affection with.
    Also, children with communication problems are very much helped by pets.
    I believe it is important to make sure our pet doesn’t suffer.If one has a garden,that’s great.If one doesn’t , one must find a pet that would feel allright in an appartment block.
    I am opened to other people thoughts on this.

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