On cheating

Just a few thoughts… Short!

What is cheating?

According to me, cheating can be described as committing to an action which benefits a person, but completely ignores other individuals or public needs.

It is very common in education. Day after day I get skype messages that begin with “ar galėtum padėti..”(could you help me..”) and end with “ar gali padaryti už mane..”(can you do it for me). We even had a seminar against cheating in our university(sadly I did not partake in). We had a poll with questions such as “is it easy to cheat doing exams?”.

Is there  a way how to prove  the uselessness of cheating for any  individual? It is common everywhere, from economics to private matters. Even famous actor Nicolas Cage is cheating taxes!

Why live in a world of cheats?

Why don’t other animals cheat as humans do?

How do people that cheat morally justify it? Or don’t they?

Can cheating be called stealing?

Long time ago, there was a busy activity in my class: during an interval a group of people would gather belongings of their friends, and then later the would be a “lost and found”… Funny game, which most still play. 🙂 An issue(A problema)?

4 thoughts on “On cheating

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    Sometimes cheating really is stealing.Other times is only “a way of surviving”.
    If the rules are unfair, cheating might be morally justified.For example, if one lives in a dictatorship, his/her only chance is to cheat in order to resist.
    But in a correct system with correct and moral laws, cheating is always wrong.
    Cheating becomes stealing when one achieves through cheating something he/she would not deserve to have if he/she would not have cheated.
    For example, a very good student who temporary suffered from an illness and could not learn for the exam,may decide to cheat in order to pass.But just this one time, because he couldn’t learn.This is wrong,but it’s not stealing.
    If a poor students decides to cheat in order to pass the exam he wouldn’t have pass otherwise, this is stealing.
    I am opened to more thoughts!…

  2. susirupines

    I still wonder, can cheating be justified in times of “unfair rules”? Why not change rules? Maybe that would require what you mentioned, a correct system! Is there such a system, such a community? I have seen some come close…

    Yesterday, I watched a film about one such perfect community, which was called “Invention of Lying”. It was not morally wrong to lie there, because, well, they didn’t even have words for that!

    There is another interesting way of cheating in arguing. When I was coming home today, I heard someone argue about whether “he/she” should go out, and the matter ended up with words “Aš pasakiau, ir šventa”.(I said it. It’s sacred.). It is these arguments that you just can’t oppose… Or if you do, they just keep coming..! So many wrong can come from this, don’t you think?

  3. scrisoarefaralitere

    ” can cheating be justified in times of “unfair rules”? Why not change rules?”
    Of course, the best way is to change the rules.But one individual has little power over the whole system.That’s why one must resist, until more people unite to change the unfair rules.
    “a correct system! Is there such a system, such a community? ”
    100% correct? nope. that’s why cheating must be judged by context.there is so much inequality and unfairness in this world, that sometimes one must break the rules in order to restore justice.but again, one must “cheat right”, i mean to cheat in order to contra-balance the unfair ,absurd rules.
    “cheating in arguing”
    it’s true.inflexibility encourages the other to cheat. that’s why true dialogue is needed .rigid rules always determine individuals to seek a way out, a way of cheating.
    cheating and lying?
    is lying always cheating? is cheating always lying?….

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