I want to begin this post and a new category by writing a  long sentence.

I want to celebrate the effort of individuals who spend their free time and energy creating, supporting, participating in initiatives that are directed towards helping other individuals cope with their misfortunes.

There. Maybe you know that Europe is one of the richest areas in the world. Maybe you are not one of “17% of EU citizens with such limited resources that they cannot afford the basics”. Maybe you are not discriminated in your job position.

One of European Union’s main goals this year is to make sure, that you do not think that those 17% do not exist. To spread awareness. In 2010 we have “European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion”.

“European Year for something something” is one of those initiatives I’m happy for.

I think that poverty is an issue worth discussing(O chestiune!) and you should look for projects that will be organized on this occasion. Help.

Last year I had an opportunity to participate in a few similar events.

One was “Food not Bombs”,  with an idea to prioritize the need for food of any individuals. I had a chance to make food, discuss with friend volunteers and, in the end, share the food with those individuals that are in need.

It has been organized in Lithuania every month for three years now, and there are a lot of similar movements in other countries, too!

I am very happy that there are people like Ugnė,  who inspires this even in my country.

The other event that I participated in, though very different, is equally important. I had a chance to visit an old person and help with clean up, prepare for holidays, again, talk, share. It was organized by Caritas, another organization full of amazing people.

I hope that me and many others will participate in similar or even better events this year, too, and the year after, and after..

We have to remember, that there are people living in carton-boxes, parks, train-stations,they are of our own kind, but they are left sometimes worse than animals. Carton-boxes can be found in countries like Japan, but what happens in less-advanced countries? It is up to us to spread our and others awareness, to, step by step, find a cure for this disease called “poverty”.

Interesting, that direct translation of poor in Lithuanian is “vargšas”, but everyone says “bomžas”…

One thought on “Giving

  1. scrisoarefaralitere

    giving is so important, especially giving to the ones that live in extreme poverty.
    in many countries around the world people are struggling for surviving.
    one may say europe is rich,but there is poverty in europe,too.europe doesn’t not only the eu, but also ukraine,moldova, albania, serbia and montenegro…
    social exclusion may be caused by poverty, but is not necessary exclusion may be related to age,gender, ethnicity.
    i do believe it is impossible to focus at the same time on such different and complex issues as poverty and social exclusion.
    i think we need to start with small and concrete steps,just like individual volunteering …and writing about the good things we do in order to set an example.
    thank you, albertas , for the good inspiration!

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